About Us

I started getting into web design in 2006 and have owned numerous Myspace layout & graphic sites over the years that were very successful! Once Myspace evolved in 2010 and you could no longer use resources, graphics, or layouts I quit web designing and anything website related until 2 years ago in 2015! I owned a few different resource websites, but really missed having a website for various users (& not just resources for other websites) so I created this site! ListsForSure.com opened on June 16, 2017 and I hope to see the site grow! Plus be as successful as my Myspace layout sites back in the day. Personally, I have fun making lists. I have a journal filled with them from things I'm grateful for to my favorite baby names to music that makes me happy & more! I hope to see people creating lists, voting on others, and maybe even reliving good times from the music of different eras, or finding a new video game you want to try & all kinds of great things like that! The possibilities are endless. I hope you can share your interests, explore others, or just have some fun making lists! Enjoy ListsForSure, come back soon, and happy list making!!